Illuminate Bible Series Student Workbook 5th - 6th Grade Volume 2

Illuminate Bible Series Student Workbook 5th - 6th Grade Volume 2

Illuminate Bible Series Student Workbook 5th - 6th Grade Volume 2

Our Faithful God Student Workbook

Use this Student Workbook along with the Parent-Student Guide to challenge your students from 5th to 6th grade to understand and apply God’s truth through questions and activities. Part of a one-year elementary Bible curriculum that can be used as a homeschool or Christian school study that focuses on God’s grace and glory.

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The questions and activities in this workbook are designed to be done after each Parent-Student Guide lesson.

This Student Workbook is designed to be used alongside volume two of the Parent-Student Guide. One book should be purchased per student in this age group.


• Get to the heart. Bible study material for children often focuses only on the “whats” and “whens.” It is good to learn facts about what the Bible tells us, but we think you can do more than memorize facts. It is our goal to get your mind accustomed to seeing the reasons why people do things and how God works. That is why you will find questions in this workbook that probe deeper than simple facts. We aim to help you focus on meaningful issues. In short, we want God’s Word to speak to your heart and help you follow Jesus every day.

• Color-coded questions. Each daily lesson has several questions to be answered. You will notice that the days have specific colors. Use the Parent-Student Guide and your Bible to find the answers to the questions.

• Active hands, engaged minds. The daily lessons you will learn in this book are valuable and worth remembering. A great way to ensure that they are remembered is to give you something to do or create that relates to the truth you have learned. Days 2 and 5 in this workbook offer craft and activity ideas that are meant to keep the lesson in your memory for years to come. They are simple enough to be done with household supplies. In most cases, the activity for every workbook is the same. If you have brothers, sisters, or other students learning with you, you can all do the activities together!

• Ready for anything! Each Bible lesson is a building block. As one-by-one they are set in place, they provide an increasingly effective defense against the stealthy attacks of our enemy. As you work through the questions and activities in this workbook, you will find yourself prepared to joyfully follow the Lord and meet the challenges of life.

This Student Workbook is part of the Illuminate Bible Series. Some scriptural truths seem simple on the surface, and yet the deeper you explore, the more spiritual riches are brought to light. Illuminate Bible Series is intended to help children to think deeply about God and His Word. The number of Bible learning aids available for kids today is enormous. Yet, on average, children and teens today manifestly know less about the Bible than children and teens a generation ago.

The best way to combat this uncomfortable reality is to draw kids into meaningful engagement with Scripture.

Our robust, student-friendly Bible study materials help students wrestle with vital Bible teachings and solid doctrine. We want to anchor Christian families in the bedrock truth of Scripture.

Illuminate Bible Series has material available for grades 1-12.


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