Illuminate Bible Series Student Workbook 1st - 2nd Grade Volume 2

Illuminate Bible Series Student Workbook 1st - 2nd Grade Volume 2

Illuminate Bible Series Student Workbook 1st - 2nd Grade Volume 2

God Our Faithful God Student Workbook

Use this Student Workbook along with the Parent-Student Guide to challenge your students from 1st to 2nd grade to understand and apply God’s truth through questions and activities. Part of a one-year elementary Bible curriculum that can be used as a homeschool or Christian school study that focuses on God’s grace and glory.

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We want the life-changing truth of the Bible to be your student’s focus. For this reason, this work-book is designed for the teacher to work alongside students in 1st to 2nd grade after the daily Parent-Student Guide lesson. It can also be used as a stand-alone, simplified study if desired!

This Student Workbook is designed to be used alongside volume two of the Parent-Student Guide. One book should be purchased per student in this age group.


• Weekly stories. The allure of a well-told story is strong for nearly anyone, but in a child’s early years, stories have special appeal. That is why we draw their minds into spiritual things with a captivating Bible story and illustration for the first day of each week (although you may want to read it again throughout the week).

• Meaningful discussion. The best way to know how much a young student is learning is to ask meaningful questions and engage the child in conversation. Each day is accompanied by discussion questions you can use to gauge your child’s comprehension and help him understand things that he finds difficult or confusing.

• Scripture memory. Each week features a new Bible memory verse. We provide tools and suggestions each day of the week to help the children remember the verse.

• Fun activities! Studies have shown that children remember more of what they learn when the learning involves more of their five senses. Each day, we offer some kind of activity to help stimulate students’ minds and cement Bible truth in their memories.

This Student Workbook is part of the Illuminate Bible Series. Some scriptural truths seem simple on the surface, and yet the deeper you explore, the more spiritual riches are brought to light. Illuminate Bible Series is intended to help children to think deeply about God and His Word. The number of Bible learning aids available for kids today is enormous. Yet, on average, children and teens today manifestly know less about the Bible than children and teens a generation ago. The best way to combat this uncomfortable reality is to draw kids into meaningful engagement with Scripture.

Our robust, student-friendly Bible study materials help students wrestle with vital Bible teachings and solid doctrine. We want to anchor Christian families in the bedrock truth of Scripture.

Illuminate Bible Series has material available for grades 1-12.


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