Illuminate Bible Series Student Guide 7th - 12th Grade Volume 2

Illuminate Bible Series Student Guide 7th - 12th Grade Volume 2

Illuminate Bible Series Student Guide 7th - 12th Grade Volume 2

The Glory of Christ: The Center of History Student Guide

Use this Student Guide to teach all your students from 7th to 12th grade at the same time. Part of a one-year upper grade Bible curriculum that can be used as a homeschool or Christian school study that focuses on God’s grace and glory.

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The Student Guide is the teaching manual that can be used to teach students in 7th to 12th grade—all with one book. It can also be used as a student reader for independent learners. It is a two-semester study that includes 8 units spread over 32 weeks. Each week of the Student Guide focuses on a prominent Bible story to be read the first day. The rest of the week provides supplemental passages and different perspectives that encourage a deeper understanding of the main Bible story in light of other Scripture truths. Students study the story's context, its relation to the rest of Scripture, its doctrinal truth, and meaningful ways of application. Also included are studies of how great Bible truths have impacted the world as well as examinations of arguments of worldviews contrary to Christianity and a discussion of the superiority of the Christian worldview.

The Student Guide can be used by itself or paired with the graded Student Workbook available for volume two. One book should be purchased per student or teacher.

The Student Guide is part of the Illuminate Bible Series. Some scriptural truths seem simple on the surface, and yet the deeper you explore, the more spiritual riches are brought to light. Illuminate Bible Series is intended to help children to think deeply about God and His Word. The number of Bible learning aids available for kids today is enormous. Yet, on average, children and teens today manifestly know less about the Bible than children and teens a generation ago. The best way to combat this uncomfortable reality is to draw kids into meaningful engagement with Scripture.

Our robust, student-friendly Bible study materials help students wrestle with vital Bible teachings and solid doctrine. We want to anchor Christian families in the bedrock truth of Scripture.

Illuminate Bible Series has material available for grades 1-12.


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