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The GOSPEL HERALD AND THE SUNDAY SCHOOL TIMES is our 64-page family magazine. This magazine, in one format or another, has been in Christian homes since 1902.

 The feature articles cover many topics. Some sample titles are: “The Christian as a Believer-Priest,” “Lessons That Bless,” “The Seventy Sevens of Daniel,” “Improving One’s Prayer Life,” “Coming to Terms with Pluralism,” and “Is God Still in Control?” There also are regular articles each quarter that cover parts of Scripture. There are testimonies of faith as well as stories with a Christian perspective for adults, teens, and younger children.

Home Study  $1.95

HSWI17_18.jpgHOME STUDY is especially for people who cannot attend Sunday school regularly. For example, this publication meets the spiritual needs of shut-ins and those whose necessary work keeps them from being in the Lord’s house, such as firemen, nurses, and police. This publication provides a way for class members who are temporarily away from their classrooms to keep up with the material that is studied each week by their class friends. Each lesson contains an exposition of the Scripture lesson, plus practical points that reinforce the lesson. The Scripture Lesson Text is in large print for those who may have difficulty reading smaller type. A daily meditation is provided for each day of the week. Inspirational articles, poems to draw the reader into close fellowship with God, and a section that discusses a few places and people mentioned in the lessons are included in each issue. Sixty-four pages, published quarterly.